Know How to Dock Your PWC/JetSki

Know How to Dock Your PWC/JetSki

Knowing how to properly approach a dock could help you to remain safe, and keep your PWC or Jet Ski Water Craft from being damaged by dock rub or rash.  We have a few great videos on our website under the StableWave Product that can be of help too.  Learning how to properly secure your PWC can help to protect your investment for years to come.  


Here are a few tips we've gathered from safety experts and websites :


Study the situation—approach into the wind or current, if possible.

Be aware of other nearby boat traffic.

Think about where you'll tie up to secure your dock line.

Tell any passengers to sit tight and have dock lines ready.

Approach the dock slowly—come in at idle.

Use short blips of throttle to help with steering control.

If applicable to your craft, use attached cleats, or loop the line around the base of your handlebars.


More information on PWC Safety can be found at The US Coast Guard Website Boating Safety Mag.




You could always add StableWave or StableWave Max to your PWC forward compartment for a potentially more secure jet ski while at the dock.

 When you need to secure your PWC or Jet Ski, one of the options is Stable/Wave or Stable/Wave Max.  These products could help to protect your investment while it is docked.  And when you're coming into the dock?  Add MagicStrip Pro to your hull to possibly keep your boat hull or PWC protected from scuffs.  





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