Last Minute Holiday Gift?  StableWave MAX now available!

Last Minute Holiday Gift? StableWave MAX now available!

It may be cold outside now, but thinking about the warm sun this summer and cruising on your jet ski brings such joy! Now, what if there was a system that made docking your jet ski hassle free and prevented dock rub and rash? There is! Stable Wave and Stable Wave Max brought to you by Avanti Marine Shop is the latest and most innovative jet ski accessory. Sea Tow members receive 20% off now.
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The latest innovation from Avanti Marine Shop!  Now available:  Stable/Wave MAX!  With the addition of an extra securing option for your Jet Ski docking ease!  Two small holes have been added to allow a C-clip to prevent any pole separation on those extra wavy docks.  Passing waves, higher winds or strong currents can cause a bit of turmoil to your Jet Ski while it is docked.  Secure the C-clips through the holes on the Stable/Wave MAX and you have added security for your jet ski.  Innovation for the already amazing Stable/Wave jet ski harness.  


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