Questions and Answers:  How To Use StableWave

Questions and Answers: How To Use StableWave

One of the great questions and comments we've had from a customer is this:


This is an interesting idea, but how do you keep the ski off the dock when the wind or waves push it forward or backwards?

Take a quick look at the video below.  One of the final things she does is to   attach a line through the rear D clamp and up to the cleat on the dock. This line prevents the ski ski from backward & forward motion...when the Stable/Wave's are attached....( note: when the stable/waves are attached to your ski with the provided rubber clamps your ski will only move forward or backward a few inches. When securing any boat you should always use a safety line ( which is what she is adding in the video).


Thank you for your questions... and for more help, contact us!




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