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Preventing dock rub with MagicStrip-Pro is easy!  When you identify where the dock rub occurs on the hull of your boat or PWC, using this product could help to protect your investment!  From AvantiMarine the makers of StableWave and StableWave MAX, is this clear adhesive product, MagicStrip-Pro.  

It's easy to install and use MagicStrip-Pro!  Simply identify the spot where dock rub occurs on your hull, clean the spot with a soft cloth where you'll be placing your MagicStrip-Pro.  Once you have done that, you simply pull back the protective film as you place the MagicStrip-Pro on your boat.  Make every effort to keep air bubbles out by using your hand -- a credit card or similar object can be used to keep the air bubbles out.  Once they are moved to the edge, your MagicStrip-Pro will be perfectly adhered to the surface.

MagicStrip-Pro can be left on your boat or can be easily removed each time as well.  Adhesives are simply removed with gentle soap and water.  

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